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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Entered The Dark Horizon At [10:13 PM] Sharp.


Yesterday i was told that today we will be play volleyball and i was very excited XD hahas it has been a long time that we didn't play volleyball was about 1month at else i think.. Dam long T.T so was dam excited XD woke up at 12pm ><... Dam was told that cheng haven wait up so our time was delay and end up 3pm moving to vivio city / sentosa -.-" dam him!! D= so blah blah blah... skip everything.. -,-" no more mood to write.. until we reached there and had our game.. was quite boring as it was so less people and the time was like dam late? all suddenly no mood anymore.. after that 6pm pass. all bored and went to take shower... all took their time bathing~~ when everyone was done its already 7pm plus.. woot late!! so quickly we went back vivio and took our dinner at the kopitiam.. woot all ate prawn noodles!! nice!! hahas so blah blah blah.. everyone was tired then jiu go back home quietly.. the END!

Entered The Dark Horizon At [9:50 PM] Sharp.


Thursday, May 27, 2010

Today was the PTM DAY!! D= i went to school to take my results and turn up waiting for 2 long hours for nothing!! T.T the teacher say must see parents -.-" kns then mine de never come.. so cannot take!! ARGH then i jiu go back home empty handed... SIGH!!! after that reached home bathed.. play play com... rest rest... sleep~~ all this until 5pm.. cause its about time to go out makan with meng they all =) went to kalang... WOW~~ eat steamboat... makan makan then meng drink beer all stuff~~ hahas qutie happy ba. for today enjoying the moment with them =D after that was going to 9pm le then jiu take train back home all this and stuff la.. then jiu reached home le.. so ya thats all.. qutie no mood to post too T.T saddieme the result~~

Entered The Dark Horizon At [11:05 PM] Sharp.


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Today was sports day! woot... sound very fun but tiring.. -.-" woke up 6.10am bathe get everything ready.. then off i go, meeting meng they all at yishun northpoint there.. then went to take MRT together so ya.. reached tampines was like already, 7.50am? then reached the reservoir were 8am plus... during the trip was totally ignored by dexter with his stupid maple stuff's.... after that we were getting ready for the dragon boat!! woohooo... hahas as ytd we did 1st so for today we must get 1st again XD so ya... went in the boat.. everyone was really to challenge the top6! hehe guess what we won again! FIRST place!! they are not match for us at all XD hahas.. so ya. after that went for the cross country -.-" kns whether so hot! D= walk all the way almost the end then run.. hahas.. after the run totally wash down.. tired!! D= so ya.. wait awhile then went back to tampines mall there... took wrong bus because of the stupid dexter -.- say what faster all this.. during the ride again maple -.-!! plus he is sitting beside me!! D=!! nonesense guy T.T crydieme.. feel like going him a wack and make him shut up =x then reached tampines makan.. after that jiu nothing happen le take 969 bus to home! so dam tired...

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Entered The Dark Horizon At [8:08 PM] Sharp.


Today just skip all the way to dragon boat orientation ba ^^ hahas school were dam boring!! EVERYTHING IS HOMEWORK!! ARGH!!! SO PISSED OFF WITH THAT.... But during the ride to bedok reservoir were dam boring hahas were listening music all the way... until we reached there and have been orientated.. hahas but the 1st half of the lesson were missed as we were lated!! but nevermind la.. hahas cause everyone knows the rules and how to paddle... so ya.. waited for the 1st groups to start off and return.. when our turn we were all excited!! ^^ cause i told my class we cannot get 2nd but gets 1st! XD They all don't believe me... tsktsk.. sad die me.. but nevermind my determination were high!! so just keep cheering them!! ^_^ after that we almost master the skills! woohooo so excited when they are going to take our timing ^^ 1st round were a failure! ><>

Entered The Dark Horizon At [7:43 PM] Sharp.


Monday, May 24, 2010

Today went school slack slack as no lessons =D hahas then nothing to do much.. so nothing interesting happen during school... But end of the school we have to go out to organic farm to understand what are they doing all this... so ya.. boring lesson too!! went with a uncle hahas so called teacher ba... so "funny" that guy. speak until whole class blur -.-" kena sai teacher !! worst of all i think... then blahblahblah... so boring... went to his fish farm also hahas.. nothing special to see too.. our class went to play with parrots!! hoho!! so funny... we are like idiot!! XD ok then went home around 6pm plus boring la.. everyone was tired and during the ride back were dam silent hahas peaceful ride back~~ ^^

Entered The Dark Horizon At [6:06 PM] Sharp.


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